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LegalEzine. Sent to you at your request every Tuesday. The ezine will have legal tips and info for starting your home internet business as well as info for personal skill building and links for free or inexpensive software to download.

Home Internet Business

If you have a home internet business or are planning to start one, LegalEzine will help you through the steps. Wherever you are, some business requirements are necessary to get your home business registered if you will be able to file taxes for your business.

LegalEzine also has links for specialization items such as internet telephones, toll free numbers for your home business, online business office, insurance and health benefits for online entepreneurs.

Create a Business Portfolio For Year-End Taxes

LegalEzine will give you tips to file your taxes yourself with info from tax accountants and e-file providers. It's really quite easy if you have a home business based on the internet.

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